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Highlights of 2017

Primary Data Collection by the students, IBDP-2016-2018
Class Trip from Germany to UAE
IBDP_G3 project 2016

Innovative class works by the students, 2015-2016

Food miles project by IBDP students 2017 batch
The food miles project represents a collaborative-holistic learning approach that seeks to make connections between different areas of learning. The term food-miles denotes a measure of the distance food travels from it‘s source to the consumer. This can be expressed either in units of actual distance or of the energy consumed during transport (IBO. Geography subject outline, 2009). The project had three main objectives including collection of the relevant data followed by systematic analysis and understanding of the topic and finally to produce visualizations in form of innovative maps and charts and displaying them on the food-mile tree. The CAS component of the project was integrated through ‘healthy food sale’ to raise fund for the people in need. It also aimed at empowering consumers to make informed choices. Students collected primary data from the field surveys of the selected eateries, fast food chains and departmental stores around the city of Braunschweig. They were very much interested to explore the production- supply pathways of Starbucks, the largest coffee house chain in the world in terms of the total revenue in 2015. In the end, students were able to appreciate the global connection of the present food industry and became aware of the associated carbon and water footprint. Following are some of the glimpses of the student’s own views on this project: ‘In our Geography Higher Level IB course, we have been learning about food miles. As a part of the topic ‘Globalization’, we learned about the impact the food industry has on an economic, environmental and political scale, both in individual countries as well as internationally. To sum up the topic, we created our so-called ‘foodmile-tree’, which displayed some case studies and related information. In collaboration, we held a healthy food sale in the cafeteria, offering salads, fruit kebabs and whole-grain sandwiches. Overall, it was a fun and educational experience for all of us and we were glad to have the opportunity to share our knowledge with our schoolmates!’ Nicole (Geography HL student)
‘I was able to grasp the concept of food mile. What really interested me was how one Starbucks coffee comes from 21 different countries which shows how severely connected our world is. Also when buying the ingredients for the salad, I gained insight on how far one vegetable travels to get to our plate. I really think that doing a project like this not only helps you to understand, but also gets you more interested in the topic as well.’ Saya (Geography HL student)

Classwork done in 10 minutes

Simple model of different types of plate margins
by Anne, Olivia, Frauke
Earthquake proof building design
by Nicolas
Wet and Dry Bulb Thermometer by Charline
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wet-drybulb Thermometer.jpg

Mind-mapping on Syrian Refugee Crisis
by Nicole and Yoshi


Healthy eating habit is necessary to deal with your stress

The average IB student is often pressed for time and eating on the go. You may be skipping meals or frequently visiting fast food restaurants. Healthy diet can help you feel better, cope with stress, and perform better in the classroom.
Here are some useful tips for you.


Healthy eating habit
How to improve your memory
Do not sit for a long time...move

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Fun Time
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Brain Games
Game 1- Copy the Pattern

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Home Work and Class Work
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Submission Date
References: What to read?What is expected?
After Easter break
Revision and Practice Past papers

Regular update :

  • bring your own dictionary of geographical terminologies
  • Go through the Twitter article posted on the WhatsApp
class notes, text book, revision guide, buddinggeographers.wikispaces
After Easter break
New Assignment:
reading option G- Study material, part III
Bundes Liga Qc from option E (answer frame given)

Pending Job
Sustainable city-Curitiba, Tianjin and Hamburg
Question C on sustainable management (from study notes)- plz follow the techniques taught in the class

Regular update needed:
  • Make your own dictionary of geographical terminologies
  • Go through the Twitter article on Heritage tourism posted on the WhatsApp
Refer Urbanization from buddinggeographers and your study notes
After Easter break
New Assignment:

Practice of 10 marks question
Revision -urbanization part 3 and 4

Regular update needed:

  • Make your own dictionary of geographical terminologies
  • Go through the Twitter article on Heritage tourism posted on the WhatsApp
Refer Urbanization from buddinggeographers and your study notes

Notes on globalization
IGCSE Level 1 (Y9)
after Easter Break
Study material on COAST- for class test after the break

Revision from text book and revision guide and be prepare for the class test.

Text book, revision guide and study materials given
IGCSE Level 2 (Y10)
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REVISION and practicing past papers

HW- practicing the sample papers and get ready for the class test
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